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Our Coaches


Tekena Ikoko


Believing there is always gold to be discovered in leading with empathy, Tekena leverages the concepts of emotional intelligence, positive psychology and tiny habits to transform leaders.

A Professional Certified Coach with more than 1,500 hours of coaching experience, Tekena is also a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Tiny Habits Certified Coach, leadership consultant, public speaker and author of 17 books.

Driven by a philosophy that “no way is the way,” Tekena leads with empathy himself to help clients better understand themselves and find their way forward. He is adept at working with leaders to recognize blindspots, unravel complex problems, and divine their own solutions. 

With more than a decade experience in coaching, he has empowered leaders to build executive presence, navigate conflict, and maneuver difficult conversations.

While the CEO of an engineering firm, it struck him how most managers in the field tended to be more comfortable with computers than emotions. He began looking into how to transition them from “dealing with things” to “dealing with people.” 

Today, Tekena works with executives in industries as diverse as IT, oIl & gas, sales, education, finance, health and engineering to become the best leaders they can be – unleashing their full potential for heightened career success and personal growth.

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