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Speaker Training

The VOX Method:
Building Powerful Communicators 


Today's leaders need to be dynamic, accessible and authentic. These qualities are all projected through speaking. From formal presentations and everyday communications to delicate conversations. 
Having strong speaking skills is a game-changer. It helps the leader cultivate a bond of trust and loyalty with their teams, their clients and the community.  It ensures effective communication of their ideas and expertise, thereby inspiring change.
The Vox Method is a ground-breaking system integrating content, voice, speech, movement, emotion and performance skills to build top communicators.

The Power of Vox


Vox is based on decades of original research on the vocal, physical and emotional patterns of great speakers and people in everyday life. This understanding has led to innovative tools that allow every speaker to thrive.


Our programs range from short term event preparation to comprehensive long-term coaching. Private or group training available, in person or online.


Training is tailored to the individual needs and comfort level of the speaker as they explore their distinct personality and bring it to bear on their leadership style. 

Leaders learn to ignite their own natural expression to build compelling and authentic speaking.
Body Language
Vox develops speakers who engage the whole body to project elegance, stability and confidence whether at the podium, in the boardroom, on stage, or online.
The Vox tools trigger a full range of genuine emotional tone - the key to authentic speaking. Speakers also develop rich, resonant voices that fill the room.
We help leaders transform inaccessible content into vibrant language that energizes the speaker and captivates the audience.
Leaders learn to use storytelling elements to enhance any communication and create an emotional connection with the listener.  
Performance skills
We guide leaders through every aspect of their performance, from rehearsal strategies, note preparation and adapting to venues, to building mental skills for calm and confidence.

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The Trainers
W. Steven Lecky and Elissa Bernstein are master international presentation trainers with backgrounds in law, science, writing, and the performing arts. Clients include RBC, National Bank, BDC, JLL, RSA, PWC, Hatch, Canderel, Siemens and The European Environment Agency.

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