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Coaching is a powerful and proven leadership development tool.

But only if that coaching is delivered by the best qualified coaches. And only if those coaches are the right fit for the client. And only if clear goals are set, process is followed and results are measured. It all needs to come together in a seamless, positive coaching experience that delivers results.

Leadership coaching is personalized, customized leadership development that will bring out the best in you and your leaders, which will in turn, bring out the best in your team and your business as a whole. And, with the V1 Coaching System, not only do you get a comprehensive results-driven program, those results can now be measured.

That’s exactly what the V1 Coaching System delivers.

Team Meeting

Our Coaching Programs

Coaching to Lead for HR Professionals

Human resources professionals today face a myriad of challenges – fighting the war for talent, supporting your organization in building engagement and accountability, increasing demands in supporting top leaders, among many other pressures.

One-to-One Coaching

Take your career to the next level, take your business to new heights and develop your leaderships skills with One-to-One Leadership Coaching using the V1 Coaching System.  Not only do you get a comprehensive results-driven program those results can be measure.

Leadership Assessments

We routinely use a wide variety of assessments as part of our coaching program.  In fact, across our highly qualified roster of coaches we possess the certification to deliver over 20 tools that assess key performance factors including leadership styles, emotional intelligence, behaviour styles as well as important personal and professional values.

Pre-Retirement Coaching

Pre-retirement coaching is a service to organizations and leaders who are within one to two years of retirement to plan for a successful transition. A wave of retirements washing over the workforce. We’re well positioned to help our clients navigate this transformation.


As companies turn their attention to rebuilding post-pandemic, they have a small window to capture the opportunity to restore their competitive position.  The revenue line has become an important business metric. 

Using the
Coach Approach

Using the Coach Approach is our proprietary coaching skills program for leaders and managers. Learn what coaching is, how it is being used to transform the work environment and master two coaching skills you can start using immediately.

High-Performance Team Coaching

More than 20 years of organizational research proves that a truly high performance team drives enhanced results over the long term – results that are relevant and sustainable. Our program can evaluate that for you and then harness the power of coaching to help team members come together – and help foster greater team success.

Coaching Education & Consultation

Do you want to build an internal coaching capacity in your organization?

​We have highly experienced educators in coach training that have a wide variety of tools and approaches to deliver coach training to individuals, teams and entire organizations.

To find out how our Coaching Programs can help you or your organization, contact us.

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