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High-Performance Team Coaching

Are your teams high performing?

Our team coaching program can evaluate that for you and then harness the power of coaching to help team members come together – and help lead them to a plan for greater team success.


More than 20 years of organizational research proves that a truly high performance team drives enhanced results over the long term – results that are relevant and sustainable.


Creating such a team requires commitment and perseverance. It requires a deliberate and disciplined approach.


Vision Coaching offers our High-Performance Team Coaching program to help get you there.


Our proven approach harnesses the power of leadership coaching techniques to help a team discover its true potential and act on it. 

We start off by individually surveying all the members of the team.


That tells us how the team is doing: what it excels at, where its challenges lurk and what its opportunities are.


Then we bring all the team members together to facilitate a conversation between them. 


We’re not telling them what to do – we’re helping them see how they are functioning as a team and how they could be stronger.


This is coaching at its core: holding team members capable and having essential conversations that will break through to a better path.


We help them discover a plan for moving forward in a more rewarding and effective way – with a new, high-performance approach.

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Leading the Charge for Vision Coaching


Dave Veale

Founder & CEO, Vision Coaching

Dave’s journey into coaching began as he worked as an advisor to HR leaders. While working closely with human resources professionals, it became clear to him that there was a need for leadership coaching at all levels of management in small, medium and large organizations – and Dave’s clients were asking him for coaching.


In response to this growing demand, Dave trained in executive coaching at Royal Roads University, received his professional coaching designation from the International Coaching Federation, and in 2005 founded Vision Coaching Inc., which has emerged as one of Canada’s top leadership firms with a top roster of experienced, credentialed coaches who share Dave’s vision and passion for coaching leaders.

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