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Our Team Coaching Program provides groups and teams with up to two hours of coaching, once a month, for six months.

Delivered face-to face or by phone, this method will help develop a select group and support its efforts to integrate coaching and leadership skills throughout the organization.

Using common language and concepts, team members will bring real-life cases and situations to sessions for brainstorming, strategy and support.


The Team 'Pulse-Check' Assessment

Our initial step in the Team Coaching program is to take the ‘pulse’ of the team. We create and administer an online team ‘pulse-check’ assessment that each team member completes anonymously. This is an important step in helping us take the ‘pulse’ of the team before finalizing team workshop content. This team ‘pulse-check’ assessment is now available as a stand-alone service – so you can measure the effectiveness and health of your team anytime.*

*profits from every team ‘pulse-check’ assessment goes to The Million Dollar Pledge campaign.

To find out how team coaching can help you or your organization, contact us.