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Our Coaches

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Dr. Stéphanie Melanson


Stéphanie has always had a calling to help others. 


Her hard work, grit and compassion helped her reach her goal of becoming a physician. 


Her mission is to partner with people through compassion, courage and resilience to empower them to find their inner voice and strength to embrace any challenge. Her drive and motivation comes from connecting with people.


As a mother of three active kids, a wife, a family and sport physician, Stéphanie has demonstrated plenty of time management skills, resilience and courage. 


On top of her medical duties, she has held multiple leadership roles in the medical field and with national and international sporting events. Physical activity and strong friendships keep her grounded. 

Her curiosity motivates her to learn new things, undertake adventures and connect with people.


This drove her to pursue a coaching certification as a personal and business performance coach through the Canadian Coaching Academy. With this, she will help people find their confidence and inner voice to be their authentic selves without fear of judgment. 


Her empowering leadership style helps create a safe space to facilitate client growth. She is currently working towards her certification with the International Coaching Federation. 


Stéphanie’s areas of expertise include: physician coaching, health-care coaching, executive coaching, leadership development, career development, clinical and administrative workflow, burnout and work-life balance. 

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