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Using the Coach Approach

Using the Coach Approach is our proprietary coaching skills program for leaders and managers. Learn what coaching is, how it is being used to transform the work environment and master two coaching skills you can start using immediately.

Leaders are turning to coaching as an effective way to lead and manage. And they are getting powerful results. Find out what all the excitement is about and how you can benefit from the power of coaching.

Why organizations are investing in
Using the Coach Approach…


Could individuals and teams in your organization improve their communication skills? Are employees letting obstacles get in their way when trying to achieve goals? Do your leaders and managers have out-dated tools that are no longer effective in today’s work environment?


These are just a few of the challenges being tackled when coaching skills are embedded throughout an organization.

Using the Coach Approach will...

  • Explore what coaching is…and is not.

  • Create clarity on how the business community is embracing coaching in the development of leaders.

  • Educate participants on how to determine when to have ‘coaching conversations’.

  • Teach two ‘Core Coaching Skills’ to implement in the workplace.

  • Encourage participants in gaining insights into how they can use coaching in their respective organizations.

  • Ensure participants leave with an Action Plan on how they will enhance their coaching skills post-workshop

Who should enrol?

Organizations and individuals are embracing this program as a way to empower their team leaders, managers and executives by using a coach approach to leadership and motivation. To learn more or to get a quote, contact us today.

In a Meeting

Take the mystery out of coaching

“What was great about our session…they didn’t just try to apply a theory, but taught us how to fish. They took the mystery out of coaching and made it relevant and applicable to us! 
My groups learn by doing and this session provided them the needed practise time. It was great to have a clearer understanding of coaching.”
Dr. Nancy Mathis
Former Executive Director
Wallace McCain Institute for
    Business Leadership 

To find out how Using the Coach Approach can help you or your organization, contact us.

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