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Our Coaches

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Dr. Nicole Boutilier


Nicole is focused on the transformation of herself, others and systems. She is motivated by the power of
coaching to drive change, resiliency and new learning.


Her calm assertive energy and authenticity has been a cornerstone of her career and life as she moves
between her roles as physician, executive leader, coach, and mother of three young adults.


She is compassionate and insightful as she partners with others to bring a deeper awareness of who
they are to everything they want to accomplish and every challenge they face. Her coaching presence
builds trust and creates new awareness to enable learning and growth in new exciting directions as
people discover their own ability to become who and do what they envision.


Nicole has held progressive leadership roles over the past fifteen years through different levels of health
care organizations including department, facility, regional and provincial. She has been in an executive
level position since 2008, and is currently a Vice President for Nova Scotia Health.

She was attracted to becoming a coach by her wish to empower others towards their own solutions and
reaching their full potential in their own roles. Coaching allows others to unlock their creativity and
innovation, and simultaneously provides reciprocal benefits for the coach as they learn and grow in the


Her coaching style allows for a safe exploration of areas for growth as well as a deep acknowledgment
and leveraging of strengths. She has experience and knowledge in leadership to challenge and explore in
a partnership that allows people to shine into their own brilliance.


Nicole’s areas of expertise include executive coaching, physician coaching, health care coaching,
leadership development, career transitions, career development, work flow, personal development,
work/life integration, building resilience, prevention of burn out and revitalization of career.

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