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Our Coaches

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Jules Michaud


With more than 25 years of experience in operational settings within the manufacturing and public sectors, Jules is a seasoned senior leader recognized for his agility, empathy, character, and relentless pursuit of success.

His journey has been marked by successful program delivery, often in complex cross-functional environments, where he has had the privilege of leading and inspiring large groups of dedicated employees. 

His formal education is built on a solid foundation, including a degree in mechanical engineering, a diploma in technology management and entrepreneurship, and a graduate certificate in executive coaching from Royal Roads University. He is fluently bilingual.

His personal coaching journey has profoundly influenced his leadership style where he improved his delegation skills, fostered a culture of inclusivity, and reignited his passion for his work.


Today, he is committed to empower fellow leaders by offering the invaluable gifts of time, curiosity, and self-exploration, guiding them toward their best selves.  

His clients consistently report increased confidence, the discovery of their unique solutions, and an appreciation for his calm, non-judgmental approach, which creates a secure environment for growth. As a coach, he maintains authentic presence, urging clients to expand their horizons and, ultimately, to achieve their aspirations.

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