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Business Leaders

Business leaders, from Corporate CEOS to Entrepreneurs, talk about how their leadership coaching experiences helped improve their leadership skills, their business and the bottom line…


Monica Adair

Co-founding Partner,
Acre Architects

My Coach provides an impartial voice.

Coaching is a great starting point to help improve your focus.  My coach provided an impartial voice & helped me to quickly get to the root of tasks and avoid getting stuck in the weeds. 
I like to “discover” as a way of learning rather than being told!  I prefer not to overly rely on other people’s thinking and to have the opportunity to explore my own ideas. My coach helps me learn by discovery.

Wayne Chamberlain

Founder, AnyWare Group

Take your “game’ to the next level.

My Vision coach has an amazing ability to encourage growth, while simultaneously challenging me to produce results and keeping me accountable.
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my coach, and would highly recommend coaching to anyone that wants to take their “game’ to the next level.

Glenn Lovelace

Chief Executive Officer
Peñasco Valley Telecommunications
Artesia, New Mexico

PVT has stronger management as a result of this program.

I inquired about whether we should continue the coaching program for other management personnel in PVT.  It was a resounding yes!  I was universally told that this class was the best training ever received by all of those attending.  Thank you so much.  PVT has stronger management as a result of this program.

Hal Somers

President/Dealer Principal
Towne Ford Sales & Service, Miramichi, NB

The staff love the coaching experience!

My experience with coaching is very positive. I started out getting coached 1-to-1 then made sure that some of my team members got a coach too. From there we did some team coaching with great results. It absolutely changed our business. People’s attitudes changed, actions changed  and we saw a huge financial change.
At one point, we actually got some coaching help during a stage in our business where we had hired new people and were experiencing the kind of friction and conflict that can happen with that kind of change. As a result of bringing a coach approach to our company, we have grown our service sales alone from $67K to over $100K monthly and our service scores have gone up 10%.
This is a direct result of how our team treats our customers which is directly related to the coaching. There is an internal happiness – the staff get along better, which improves our customer service. The staff love the coaching experience!
Because we have shifted our approach and grown the business, we now have more service bays, more technicians and staff and we plan to grow even more.

Kim Prosser

Grant Thornton

She has… given me the direction I needed to become a better Manager.

Having a coach has been one of the greatest investments I have ever made. She has helped me discover a great deal about myself and given me the direction I needed to become a better Manager. I already had the ideas; my coach helped me to find a way to implement them.

Peter Price

Consulting Services


My life purpose is indeed the keystone to my personal & professional goals.

My coaching experience with my Vision coach helped me validate that my life purpose is indeed the keystone to my personal and professional goals and serves as a beacon for my career objectives.

Terri Riedle

CEO, Revolution Strategy
Producer, Talons of Venice
Co-founder & President, Civilized

It was a phenomenal experience.

Coaching gave me the confidence to lean in – it made me feel like I knew how to do this. I got better and faster, better and faster. “Wouldn’t it be nice” turned into “it’s actually happening”! It was a phenomenal experience.
It can be exhausting but having the ability to talk through some really challenging issues is uplifting. Coaching even changed my parenting style – I don’t answer the questions for my kids anymore, I ask them the questions – they have the answers within themselves.

Lisa Williams

CEO, Unicare Home Health Care Inc.

Coaching changed my perspective on life.

Last summer I hit a wall. I have a lot of responsibilities as a busy CEO and single mother and I knew I needed to do something. That’s when I got a coach.
Coaching helped me realize I need ME time – it gave me self awareness.  And I haven’t gone back to work in the same way since. I finally realized how I really feel – I never really let myself feel.  Stress was handling me. Coaching helped me learn how to turn that around and handle my stress.
Coaching changed my perspective on life – and what’s important. My work will always be there. I now exercise and do more of the things I’ve always wanted to do, for myself. And guess what? I actually get MORE done! I say it to people all the time – organize your life so you fit into your life! My coach helped me do this.

Greg Hemmings

President & Founder,
Hemmings House

The experience has been “trans-foundational”…

The Vision Coaching experience has been more than transformational…it has been (I will make up a new term here) “trans-foundational”. My Vision coach pulled out my vision and inspiration, he opened me up to building a business not only based on the goals of profit, but rather on culture, lifestyle and creation. We have built a new foundation that our business sits and grows upon. We would likely not be here today if it was not for the coach approach that Vision has exposed us too.

Chris Nadeau

Co-Founder, Evolving Solutions

Coaching has enabled me to gain clarity in my business planning that is already translating into massive progress.

In only two months of coaching with my Vision coach I have achieved what I was hoping to get from six months. I can’t wait to see what else I accomplish with his support. Coaching has enabled me to gain clarity in my business planning that is already translating into massive progress. Anyone serious about success, whatever your definition, needs a coach. Anyone serious about coaching needs a good one.
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