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What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching is personalized, customized and consistent leadership development that will bring out the best in you and your leaders, which will in turn, bring out the best in your team and your organization as a whole. And, with the V1 Coaching System, not only do you get a comprehensive results-driven program, but those outcomes are tracked and measured.

How is leadership coaching different than mentoring or classroom training? Mentoring and training involve a transfer of broad, generic knowledge that is received passively. With leadership coaching, the focus and path for development is personalized and determined by the individual who actively seeks personal knowledge, sets goals and develops an action plan for growth, both personally and professionally.

How can Leadership Coaching benefit your business?

Whether it’s a leader transitioning into a new role or a long-time leader who is seeking a renewed inspiration for an existing role, leadership coaching is designed to bring out the best in that leader, to be the best in that role. And an engaged, motivated leader is what’s ultimately best for business.

Your company or organization will benefit from leadership coaching in the following ways:

Your leaders will transition into new areas of responsibility, with conscious competency, quickly.

Rising stars in your organization can successfully step into leadership roles as part of succession planning.

Leaders whose roles involve high volumes of complexity can better focus on the right issues and prioritize the urgent and important development goals.

Long-time leaders will be excited and motivated by your commitment to their personal and professional development.

We coach on a one-to-one basis... or across your organization.

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Who is Leadership Coaching for?

Whether you are a leader in the C-suite, a small business owner or an HR professional looking to bring coaching into your organization, Leadership Coaching, delivered through the V1 Coaching System, is specifically designed for those ready and willing to be coached. It is designed to benefit those ready to be challenged, even pushed, and assessed along the way and to ultimately reap the rewards of that process.

Convincing people to set goals can be challenging, but established goals lead to better outcomes, for the person and, ultimately, the business. However, not everyone is ready for this approach and some may need a different kind of training. And that’s fine. It’s all about finding the right fit that will have the most benefit to the leader and the organization.


By assessing core leadership competencies at the outset, leaders will learn and grow throughout the coaching process by leveraging their strengths and opportunities as well as through facing and tackling obstacles or challenges to their success.

Leadership coaching is ideal for leaders who are:

Overcoming challenges

in their current position and are looking to establish a critical path to improving performance.

In transition

or will be transitioning, into a new role and want to quickly get up to speed.

Top performers

motivated to push their personal leadership development to a new level.

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