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Stewart Pollard


Stewart is a leadership coach, facilitator and trainer with a specialization in process improvement, organizational change management and leadership effectiveness.  He draws on nearly 20 years of leadership experience in Quality Assurance, Program Management, Operations, Process Improvement and Human Resources with such companies as Goodrich, Honeywell and J.D. Irving, Limited.  


Throughout his career, Stewart has managed P&Ls of over $300M annually, led transformations resulting in revenue growth of 600% over 3 years, and coached leaders to employee engagement improvements of 30% year over year.  Projects under Stewart’s leadership have delivered well over $500M as a result of his passion for improvement, his ability to simplify complex problems by engaging all levels of the organization, his positive energy and good humour.

A continuous learner, Stewart holds Bachelors degrees in Physics and Mechanical Engineering from UPEI and University of Waterloo respectively, as well as an MBA from University of Phoenix and a Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University.  He holds certifications as a Certified Change Management Professional, Executive Coach, Lean Expert and Six Sigma Black Belt.


An accomplished leader, coach, facilitator and presenter, Stewart has delivered speaking engagements to Industry Canada, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium, APEGNB, APEPEI, ACCES as well as various colleges and universities.

Authenticity, continuous improvement and trust are values to build upon.
If you’re driven by a passion for continuous improvement and growth, whether for yourself or your business, my journey may resonate with you.
From a young age, I was drawn to Engineering as a means of improving the world around me.  Upon entering the aerospace manufacturing industry, I discovered continuous improvement and realized that improving processes could have an even greater impact on results.  Throughout my improvement journey, I found myself dealing more with the people than process to achieve sustainable results; change management became the focus. By helping individuals adapt to change, processes improved and employees implemented these changes more quickly for better results.  
As a change manager, I was spending a large portion of my time coaching senior leaders, finding that effective sponsorship was the single biggest contributor to change success.  After attending Royal Roads and receiving a Certificate in Executive Coaching, my career focus shifted to improving the effectiveness of leaders, to engage employees in achieving a shift in business performance.  
My work is fueled by my passion to help leaders to bring out the best of themselves, their organizations and their teams.  Combining strategy, continuous improvement, change management, training and coaching to produce improved business results.
Stewart Pollard
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