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Jules Michaud joins Vision Coaching

We’re very pleased to welcome Jules Michaud, a leadership coach with more than 25 years of operational experience in both government and the manufacturing sector, to the Vision Coaching roster.

Fluently bilingual, Jules began his leadership coaching journey after having himself benefited from coaching as a senior leader.

He was struck by how effective coaching was in adding value to his leadership. 

“I had taken a number of leadership training courses, but the coaching made my leadership with my staff so much more effective and rewarding,” he says.

Profound impact

Before long, he was exploring how he could become a coach himself so that he could bring those skills to supporting his direct reports in navigating their own challenges. He believes coaching can have a more powerful and lasting impact.

“As a leader in a company, typically you've got maybe half a dozen or more people that report to you. For me, I decided I could have a more profound impact coaching others. That's long lasting with more people,”  says Jules, who went on to earn a graduate certificate in executive coaching at Royal Roads University and accreditation from the International Coaching Federation.

An engineer by profession, Jules worked in operational roles within international companies before rising through the ranks at the Government of New Brunswick.

Empowering fellow leaders

Recognized for his agility, empathy, character, and relentless pursuit of success, Jules’ journey has been marked by successful program delivery, often in complex cross-functional environments, where he has had the privilege of leading and inspiring large groups of dedicated employees. 

His personal coaching journey (with Vision coach Sylvie Levesque-Finn) profoundly influenced his leadership style where he improved his delegation skills, fostered a culture of inclusivity, and reignited his passion for his work. 

As an executive coach today, he is committed to empower fellow leaders by offering the invaluable gifts of time, curiosity, and self-exploration, guiding them toward their best selves.  

He’ll never forget coaching one stressed leader through a complex issue until that leader had a breakthrough moment, shedding a tear of relief at having found a way forward.

It was at that moment that Jules discovered he had met his true calling.

“I remember thinking at that point why would I want to be doing anything else?” 

Visit the Vision Coaching website for more information about Jules and the rest of the Vision Coaching roster.

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