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Helping leaders catch fire

Perhaps because of his early interest in aerospace engineering, Stewart Pollard views leadership coaching as a way of injecting some accelerant – a touch of jet fuel – into businesses trying to reach for the stars.

Vision Coaching Leadership Coach - Stewart Pollard

Stewart brings an impressive background in science and business to the roster of leadership coaches at Vision Coaching having worked for a number of large companies and now for himself. As far back as the early 2000s, he discovered his natural talents as a leadership coach coming to the fore, even as he achieved standing as a Certified Lean Expert and Six Sigma Black Belt.

“To me, I look at coaching as an accelerant,” Stewart says. “If you think about starting a fire, you need fuel, oxygen and a spark. Leaders may need help with one or more of these ingredients, or they may just need a little starter fluid -- that accelerant to really make it go.”

“So when you take coaching and apply it over top of the good things, the flames come. It really starts to catch fire.”

Broad impact

Originally from Prince Edward Island, Stewart now lives in Quispamsis, N.B. In his coaching, he draws on nearly 20 years of leadership experience in engineering, quality assurance, program management, operations, process improvement and human resources with such companies as Goodrich, Honeywell and J.D. Irving, Limited.

A continuous learner, Stewart holds bachelors degrees in Physics and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Prince Edward Island and the University of Waterloo respectively, as well as an MBA from University of Phoenix and a Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University. He holds certifications as a Professional Engineer, Certified Change Management Professional, Professional Certified Coach, Lean Expert and Six Sigma Black Belt.

Stewart says effective leadership coaching has a broad impact on organizations and employees. In essence, it can bring more success and better lives for everyone.

‘Thought partner’

“I want to see people having a good experience at work,” he says. “It takes up such a big portion of our lives, we should enjoy what we do and where we do it. Leadership is the one aspect that determines this for every employee. If I can help leaders be better at what they do, it translates to a more effective work experience for everybody with whom they interact.”

"If I can help leaders be better at what they do, it translates to a more effective work experience for everybody with whom they interact.”

Stewart says the pandemic has spurred interest in leadership coaching as many leaders seek that essential “thought partner” to help them deal with new circumstances and challenges. He says coaching creates that independent, neutral, safe and confidential space – a trusted space – that leaders need like never before.

“I have found through the pandemic that companies either hunkered down and waited for it to blow over, or they tried to get more efficient or to pivot and go in another direction. Leaders who took on coaching were able to improve and pivot much more effectively.”

To learn more about Stewart, visit the Vision Coaching website.

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