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Navigating the Next Chapter: Re-imagining Retirement

Increasingly, our coaches are being asked for support in planning for retirement or life beyond work as senior leaders have known it.

This isn’t surprising. The number of people 55 or older is growing rapidly in Canada while post-COVID retirements are on the rise. More than one in five Canadians aged 55 to 59 years are now completely or partially retired.

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new Pre-Retirement Coaching program.

Earlier this month, coaches Lianne Krakauer and Chantelle Courtney facilitated an introductory workshop entitled Navigating the Next Chapter: Re-imagining Retirement.

The interactive session explored opportunities for employers to provide resources to significantly benefit their retiring leaders and the organization into the future and outlined the new program.

Help prepare a path

For some leaders, leaving work as they have known it is a time of possibilities – freedom and flexibility, focus on family, travel, pursuing creative projects and more. But for others, it can also be a time of loss – loss of identity, relationships, routines, financial stability, intellectual challenge and purpose.

Coaching can help them identify the possibilities and prepare a path that can help it become productive and positive.

And there are many benefits to organizations in helping their senior leaders make the transition, including: smoother leadership succession, enhanced talent development, employee engagement, knowledge transfer, enhanced employer reputation.

For more information, visit the Vision Coaching website or contact us at Limited engagements are available beginning in January.

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