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Embracing life as a digital independent

Updated: Jan 29

Check out this Boiling Point podcast where Greg Hemmings and I engage in a fascinating discussion with Glen Hicks, a former IT executive who has retooled his life to become a “digital independent.”

In the segment Rewired, Not Retired, Glen talks about his 27 years as a corporate IT executive in the high-pressure telecommunications world. His working days used to be roughly 8 to 8 and at the age of 34, a confirmed workaholic, he found himself on the wrong side of the resuscitation paddles in a hospital emergency room. He changed his approach to work, b

ut by 48, Glen left the corporate boardroom and set out on his own.

As he says with a chuckle on the podcast, he hasn’t had the “Sunday scaries” since he left the traditional working world five years ago. Now, living as a digital independent, he sets his own schedule, finds his own comfortable working space and he has time to enjoy his family and friends.

To provide himself, and the growing global population of digital Independents the necessary support to pursue and thrive in this way of life, Glen serves as the CEO of UStation, a company he co-founded to develop inspiring work spaces, culture and services to work-from-anywhere professionals. He’s also the founder of Digital Independent Life, a community platform that plans to connect digital independents around the world.

His upcoming book, Rewired, Not Retired: Embracing Life as a Digital Independent, is set to be released later this year.

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