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Elite athlete turned coach Emily Rodger joins Vision Coaching roster

I’m so delighted to share the news that Emily Rodger has joined the talented – and growing – leadership coaching roster at Vision Coaching.

As many of you know, I’ve been inspired by Emily’s approach to the world and her many talents.

“I’m thrilled to be joining Vision Coaching. This is a roster of coaches that I fully believe in, and the values and the mission of Vision Coaching really align with mine,” Emily says. “It is a company that I admire. It feels really special for me to be a part of it.”

Her career in high-performance sport was quickly followed by life and health coaching with clients who have been similarly inspired by her outlook and accomplishments. Then she turned to leadership coaching, enrolling in the nation-leading executive coaching program at Royal Roads University before graduating last year.

Her journey into leadership coaching began interestingly enough after we met about two years ago during a recording of The Boiling Point, when my friend and co-host Greg Hemmings spontaneously invited her to be a guest.

Raised in New Brunswick, Emily is well-known in athletic circles for her success in cycling and triathlon. She is a two-time, UCI GranFondo World Champion, a Canadian Masters National Time Trial Champion, and a 70.3 Ironman world qualifier.

As a cyclist, though, Emily has twice been involved in horrific crashes with vehicles, resulting in multiple broken bones, a brain injury, and extensive soft tissue damage. She has fought back bravely from both accidents and the experiences have shored up her inner strength and determination.

Sharing her story has served as an inspiration to countless others.

Our impromptu meeting that day led to conversations about leadership coaching. Intrigued, she asked me if she could hire a Vision coach to help her make some decisions around her coaching business. My colleague Bruce McLeod, our general manager of coaching services, took on the engagement.

Turned out to be an eye-opener

That turned out to be an eye-opener for Emily, who was impressed with the “non-directive” style that characterizes our approach: not telling clients what they should do to solve their problems but helping them divine the solutions on their own.

“Bruce never had the answers for me as much as I wanted him to, as much as sometimes I still want him to,” she says with a grin. “Non-directive coaching recognizes that we are the experts in our own lives and that nobody else knows what's best for us.

“And working with a leadership coach, nine times out of 10 you discover that what you thought was the issue is not really the issue, but there was something behind it.”

Emily is a firm believer that every person is capable of achieving their goals – and that making a difference begins and ends with that person.

She acts as a sounding board to assist clients in uncovering their potential, clarifying goals, increasing self-awareness, and optimizing their personal and professional performance.

She works with clients from a diverse set of backgrounds, including women and men of all ages – CEOs, entrepreneurs, parents, managers, students, thought leaders, and more.

And what does she want to accomplish through her work with Vision?

“I hope to be able to facilitate change in individuals,” Emily says. “I hope to be able to partner with clients to help them feel empowered, fulfilled, to live a life of passion, to gain clarity on their values and the life that they want to be living and leading.”

For more information on Emily, visit the Vision Coaching webpage.

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