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Vision Coaching and Morneau Shepell partner to provide leadership coaching

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Amid increased demand for leadership coaching services, a new program available to Morneau Shepell clients around the globe, delivered by Vision Coaching with its proprietary V1 Coaching System.

TORONTO – Vision Coaching Inc., a Canadian leadership coaching firm, has signed an agreement with M

orneau Shepell that allows the technology-enabled HR services provider to expand on the services it offers.

The two companies today announced the agreement, which allows Morneau Shepell to provide an expanded leadership coaching program powered by Vision Coaching’s V1 Coaching System to clients around the globe.

“This is a terrific step forward for both companies,” said Dave Veale, founder and chief executive officer of Vision Coaching. “By being a trusted partner to a highly respected company in Morneau Shepell, Vision is able to extend the reach of our innovative and effective coaching solutions so that more organizations and people can benefit from the opportunities leadership coaching provides.”

The announcement comes amid a growing awareness and demand for leadership coaching services in Canada and marks an evolution in the services that Morneau Shepell can provide its clients globally.

Denise Richardson, senior director of Workplace Learning Solutions at Morneau Shepell, says the partnership allows the organization to offer new approaches to coaching for the first time – including as a virtual service and as a leadership development tool.

Traditionally, organizations would turn to Morneau Shepell for a leadership coach during times of crisis. Through the new partnership, Morneau Shepell offers Vision’s services as a leadership growth opportunity, shifting the dynamic to be more proactive.

“A customer would call and say ‘I have this issue with this leader, how can you help?’ and coaching would be a solution,” said Richardson. “Now we are having conversations about organizations investing in their talent and using coaching as a tool to support employees.

“I also think today, with the war for talent, organizations are starting to understand the value of investing in coaching – especially at the senior leadership level,” said Richardson. The agreement allows Morneau Shepell to offer Vision services to its clients under the Morneau Shepell brand, using the V1 Coaching System – a structured and robust approach to effective leadership development.

The agreement also provides Morneau Shepell access to Vision Coaching’s full roster of leadership coaches, who are successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, lawyers and human resource leaders all accredited with the International Coaching Federation. This ensures a credible match between leader and coach.

A cornerstone of the V1 System, pioneered by Vision Coaching, is a proprietary online portal that tracks real-time progress along a coaching journey, delivers assessments and allows for an approach where coaches and developing leaders can engage in remote coaching rather than always meeting face-to-face. Managers and HR leaders can also track progress and results in a way that protects confidentiality in the coaching relationship.

“One of the advantages for Morneau Shepell clients is that this program is a seamless extension of Morneau Shepell’s existing services,” said Veale. “It helps them expand their offering beyond a basic coaching package. The market is asking for it and we’re pleased to deliver.”

About Vision Coaching Inc.

Vision Coaching has provided trusted coaching and human resource solutions to leaders and organizations across North America since 2005. Our pioneering V1 Coaching System drives accountability, quality assurance and measurable results for every coaching relationship while our strong, diverse coaching roster ensures a credible coach for every leader. More information about Vision and V1 is available online at

About Morneau Shepell

Morneau Shepell is the leading provider of technology-enabled HR services that delivers an integrated approach to well-being through our cloud-based platform. Our focus is providing everything our clients need to support the mental, physical, social and financial well-being of their people. By improving lives, we improve business.

Our approach spans services in employee and family assistance, health and wellness, recognition, pension and benefits administration, retirement and benefits consulting, actuarial and investment services. Morneau Shepell employs approximately 6,000 employees who work with some 24,000 client organizations that use our services in 162 countries. Morneau Shepell is a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: MSI). For more information, visit

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