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Delving into leadership today

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

As people start to convene at conferences and workshops again, I’m being asked if I would come speak about some aspect of leadership or development. It’s taken me a bit by surprise – I guess because demand had fallen off as events were cancelled during the pandemic.

But as the world opens up and we’re getting back together in offices and at events, the demand is re-emerging.

And the answer is yes – I do enjoy giving speeches, presentations and workshops. I find myself invigorated by being in the same room as others again and engaging in conversations around leadership.

My colleagues and I have been asked to deliver a number of workshops on one of my favourite topics – using coaching skills to lead effectively. At the same time, we’ve been asked to stretch and deliver on a variety of different topics related to leadership and coaching.

I delivered a workshop recently for one company on unleashing the power of effective goal setting and attainment. I shared valuable strategies that can help their leaders reach new heights of accomplishment and success.

I like engaging on goal setting because it gives me a chance to share the common mistakes people (me included!) make when setting goals. It gives me a chance to delve into the research on goal setting and achievement, along with the role of stress in propelling success.

And my colleague Marilyn Orr is delivering a talk on leading with empathy. I like this one too because this one delves into strategies leaders can employ. It tackles how empathetic leaders hold others accountable and looks at what empathy looks like in a healthy workplace.

Blessed with a talented roster

Marilyn, who has been addressing emotional intelligence through her coaching since 2006, has helped countless leaders in North America find healthy and balanced ways of growing this emotional intelligence competency.

And because it is Marilyn, it will be a lively session.

At Vision Coaching, I am blessed to have such a talented roster of leadership coaches with a wide array of backgrounds and expertise. Among their talents is the ability to share their knowledge in an inspiring and engaging way.

Are there topics related to leadership that would interest you or your organization? Please drop me an email: I’d love to know. And maybe we can help.


Dave Veale

Founder & CEO

Vision Coaching Inc.

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