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Inspired by a leader who lives his values

I was inspired recently by the actions of a friend, Jake Palmer. Jake is a real estate agent I’ve known for many years. He’s well-known in our area, affable, well respected and genuine.

He’s also known for doing things you’d least expect, or would have never thought of.

A fellow real estate agent was earnestly trying to do what might be impossible in today’s housing market: find a buyer for a duplex on the condition that the current owner and her tenant did not have to move – and that they could stay on at below-market rates.

Jake met the owner and understood right away why his colleague, Judy Mitchell, was trying so very hard to sell: aging with health issues, a move would be heart-breaking. More than that, the owner was so endearing.

As Judy shared on social media: “Once he met the sweet seller, he thought he would be the right owner. He bought himself a great opportunity. But more importantly, he did the right thing for the seller. Jake can be a real jokester, but when it comes to helping people he is the first to step up and I know people appreciate his kind heart.”

Some might call this foolish. I call it noble.

Yes, you are reading it correctly: Jake bought the building, even though it is clearly not a money-winning prospect for the foreseeable future.

This is more than being kind hearted. This is someone living his values. He could have walked away, but he was moved by the woman’s plight and how not being allowed to stay would be devastating.

At the same time, he was not blinded by emotion. He was able to take a long-term view on the real estate investment and satisfy the shorter-term need to keep this woman and her tenant in their homes.

He’s already paying out for improvements to the building, compounding his financial losses.

Some might call this foolish. I call it noble.

Thank you for your leadership, Jake. Thank you for being a leader that lives his values.

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