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Webinar series tackling HR challenges

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

This fall, Vision Coaching will be offering a series of free webinars designed to help leaders and organizations deal with many of the challenges they are facing today. Hosted by Dave Veale, they will feature conversations with experts in leadership and human resources issues.

Kelly Van Buskirk: Handling Difficult Discussions

Kelly Van Buskirk, a leading labour and employment lawyer, will share insight on handling difficult discussions.

This session will explore why managers, whose job is to communicate with employees, don’t actually do it or do it effectively.

The consequences of avoiding difficult conversations can be large.

Kelly outlines the risks, and offers tips and strategies for effective communication.

Bruce McLeod: Redefining Organizational Culture Post-COVID

Human resources expert Bruce McLeod will examine redefining organizational culture today.

Bruce, a former HR executive turned leadership coach, will discuss a golden opportunity COVID-19 chaos created – the opportunity to redefine corporate culture. Most organizations end up with a culture set by default. But to be a high-performing organization, leaders should create a culture that will help them and their teams reach that level of performance.

The disruption created by the pandemic means organizational cultures are vulnerable – making

this the perfect time to design the right culture.

Steward Pollard: HRs Role in Change Management

Leadership coach Stewart Pollard, an expert in organizational change management and process improvement, will be discussing the role of the human resources department in promoting and managing change.

He will discuss what change management is, why we need it, and the critical roles HR has in driving it.

Dates and times for the sessions are to be announced. To ensure you receive further details when they are disclosed, email

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