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Building better futures

Beth Kelly Hatt, founder of Aquila Tours and a member of the Million Dollar Pledge. Vision Coaching is proud to be a founding member of the Pledge, to help build stronger future for local youth.

From an early age, my parents instilled the importance of giving back and, especially in the last five years, we have worked at making this an integral part of the Vision Coaching culture.

Some of this undoubtedly comes as well from my early career experience in the non-profit sector, knowing how much these organizations rely on the generosity of others to carry forward with their important work.

But I am also keenly aware how fortunate I have been in life and business. For me, that comes with an obligation to find ways to support organizations who are making our world a better place. I share the following with you in an effort to shine light on these amazing organizations.

United Way inspires

The incredible work of the United Way inspired me to become a founding member of the Million Dollar Pledge, a coalition of business leaders who commit to giving $10,000 a year for 10 years to the United Way Saint John Kings and Charlotte. With 10 or more business leaders making that commitment, that’s $1 million that goes to local charities.

With the United Way’s guidance, we’re able to channel that money in ways that are changing the lives of youth in our area, forging stronger futures. It feels so good to know that we’re making that kind of impact together.

Vision Coaching has given back in other ways as well, including supporting L’Arche Saint John that is doing wonderful work supporting adults with intellectual disabilities while building more inclusive communities.

You make this possible

We’ve also supported the Heart & Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick, the YMCA of Greater Saint John, and New Brunswick Social Pediatrics, which is dedicated to improving the quality of life, health and long-term outcomes of children and their families in the province.

There are others, too. Again, I detail this because I think it is important to highlight these organizations and the important work they do.

I also wanted to share this because you are the reason we’re able to do this. Having great clients and coaches is what makes this possible. You are helping to improve lives and building communities.

I’m grateful to you for that.

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