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Fretting and sweating outside the comfort zone

A smiling man, Dave Veale


Behind the scenes at Vision Coaching, we’ve been working hard over the last couple of years developing a new coaching curriculum.

I have to be honest – there have been many times when I have wondered if it was worth it.

As every entrepreneur and leader knows, launching a new product or service is a demanding, nerve-wracking and all-consuming endeavor.

There were many times where I didn’t know where to turn, and I was far from certain on the outcome.

Determined to see it through

What kept me going was my friend and colleague, the late Bruce McLeod. Bruce was the architect and builder of our coaching program entitled Using the Coach Approach, which has been designed to teach others essential leadership coaching skills.

When he passed away suddenly last summer, he had just successfully delivered two pilot programs and we were feeling confident about the content.

I was determined to see it through – it is what Bruce would have done if he were in my shoes. We were so lucky to have Amy Ruppert Donovan, a true coaching pioneer, at our side to help and advise, and she didn’t hesitate to step in to take a bigger role after Bruce’s death.

For the last six months, I joined other coaches at Vision Coaching in delivering the program, and have been tested once again. Nothing like teaching coaching skills to leaders to push you to understand more deeply, to stretch your own coaching knowledge, and to elevate your own leadership and engagement skills.

So glad I pushed through

So as much as I have sweated and fretted my way through it, I am reminded now that being pushed out of a comfort zone is a growth experience. Striving like this builds resilience in leaders and organizations.

I was also reminded that a focus on perfection can not only slow you down but create unproductive stress. As we have delivered the program, we have noticed ways to improve it and make those changes.

In retrospect, I’m so glad I pushed through and feel so fortunate to have the invaluable insights and support of my colleagues in launching Using the Coach Approach. It allows us not only to expand our offerings but live our vision in a bigger way.

Most of all, I am excited by the potential it holds to improve engagement and effectiveness by those who adopt it.


Dave Veale

Founder & CEO

Vision Coaching Inc.

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