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Deepening the leadership capacity of women

Updated: Jan 29

Collage of photos of four people
Clockwise from top left, HR strategist Shauna Cole; Lianne Krakauer and Lisa Haydon, leadership coaches with Vision Coaching; Dave Veale, Vision Coaching CEO.


I am honoured to be moderating an upcoming panel with three women I admire greatly for their leadership.

Lisa Haydon and Lianne Krakauer are colleagues in leadership coaching and Shauna Cole is an HR and career strategist. I’ve known them for years, and have deep respect for their intelligence, spirit and skill.

The four of us will convene for a live webinar on March 8, International Women’s Day, to discuss a wide variety of issues facing women in leadership roles today.

We will talk about the extra pressures women have faced during the pandemic, building confidence through action, quieting the inner self-critic, why businesses owned by women are flourishing and much more.

I hope you will join us for this event. Seats are limited. For more information and to grab your complimentary ticket, go here.


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