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Complimentary values brought us together

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

We are excited to introduce our newest strategic partner, The Talent Company, a leading management consulting firm in Toronto, specializing in human resources consulting services and solutions.

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Dave: What caused The Talent Company to introducing coaching?

Kathleen Jinkerson

Kathleen Jinkerson, The Talent Company

Kathleen: Our expertise is in identifying opportunities for improvement and then providing detailed recommendations and a customized blueprint to significantly improve their talent capability. When we are advising on talent topics such as performance management and leadership development, offering coaching services helps our clients achieve their goals.

Coaching facilitates that transformation whether it’s a new executive hire, a valued long-standing employee still to demonstrate their full potential or a desire to develop their next generation of leaders. On a personal note, I have worked with a coach myself. I have experienced tremendous results both personally and professionally. So, I’m excited that our clients will get to see the same benefits.

Dave: As you can imagine, I’m very interested in what ultimately drove the decision to partner with Vision Coaching?

Kathleen: When deciding which partners to work with, we look for common values, credibility and a record of success. We see all of those traits in Vision Coaching.

The Talent Company’s corporate values include delivering results; partnering for success; integrity; perseverance; and, giving back to our community and networks. Your coaches are authentic, passionately curious, highly ethical and value individuals and community. We see these values as complementary.

We consider ourselves credible; our team members are subject matter experts who have walked in our clients’ shoes. Similarly, the coaches at Vision Coaching bring impeccable expertise including the best training in the coaching industry, accreditation, membership in the International Coaching Federation and extensive experience in conducting coaching engagements.

Dave: In addition to working together to deliver coaching services, how else do you see Vision Coaching and The Talent Company partnering together?

Kathleen: We are not only consultants and coaches but we’re also knowledge curators and advocates. We look to share insights, incite discussion and advise on trends and innovations.

Many of these insights come from one-on-one discussions. We take our learning from multiple conversations and use them to piece together a macro view so that we can identify trends and best practices. Without asking you to break confidentiality, we hope that the team at Vision Coaching can be a valuable source of individual and market feedback.

In addition to individual conversations, we use qualitative and quantitative research to help form a balanced and informed approach to critical decisions. These studies are designed to help leading business and human resources professionals to gain a better, more current view of today’s HR landscape. We hope that your clients can both participate in these studies and benefit from the insights they reveal.

For instance, earlier this year we released the results of our Pulse on Leadership study where we surveyed both HR and business professionals on their opinions and experiences concerning leadership.Through this study we discovered some very interesting perceptions of male versus female leadership traits, learned the most popular methods that companies are using to develop leaders and uncovered the common obstacles in developing an effective leadership development program.

If you are interested in finding out more about The Pulse on Leadership study, The Talent Company or Vision Coaching, please get in touch with us!

Dave Veale is a business and leadership coach and founder of Vision Coaching Inc. in Saint John. Call Dave at (888) 747.4199, email him at or follow him on twitter @dave_veale.

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