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Our Coaches

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Sima Eskandaryzand


With more than 25 years of experience in leadership with several multinational companies, Sima is a seasoned leadership coach driven by a profound passion for guiding individuals and organizations through transformative growth journeys.


Specializing in coaching women in leadership, leaders from diverse backgrounds, and those who aspire to cultivate inclusive practices, she brings a wealth of expertise to the realm of executive coaching.


Her coaching philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that everyone possesses untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. Inclusivity is not just a concept for her –  it's a way of leading.


She guides leaders, particularly those interested in fostering inclusivity, in developing an inclusive leadership style. This emphasis underscores the belief that diversity is not only beneficial but essential for the synergy of communities and organizations.


What sets her coaching apart is the authentic presence she brings to each session. She is passionate about fostering authenticity and creating a nonjudgmental and psychologically safe environment for her clients.

Through this, her clients consistently report a boost in confidence as they navigate their growth journeys. Her commitment to confidentiality and ethics further ensures that each coaching relationship is built on trust and integrity.


Educated in Europe, North America and the Middle East, she holds an MBA in Strategy & Management in International Organizations, an Executive MBA in Strategic Planning & Marketing and a graduate certificate in executive coaching; she brings a comprehensive understanding of organizational dynamics and human behavior to her coaching practice.


Combined with her extensive professional background in organization development and human resources, she offers clients a practical and seasoned approach to coaching.


Sima’s areas of expertise and interest include executive coaching, leadership development, organization development, human resources management, women in leadership and inclusive leadership. 

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