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Chantelle Courtney joins Vision roster

We’re delighted to announce that Chantelle Courtney, a certified leadership coach, talent management expert and lawyer, has joined the Vision Coaching roster.

Known for her strategic, empathetic and practical approach, Chantelle supports clients to achieve their unique goals – individually and for their organizations.

“When leaders identify what motivates them and can unlock their strengths, that has a multiplier effect for everyone on their team and beyond. The more positive and fulfilling our work is, the better our lives are.”

Chantelle was introduced to us by Lianne Krakauer, a long-time coach on our roster who also has legal training. Together, they facilitated a Vision Coaching workshop, Navigating the Next Chapter: Re-imagining Retirement, earlier this month.

“I met Dave Veale through Lianne, and recognized that Dave’s values and priorities for Vision Coaching – along with the bench of coaches that he’s assembled – connected well with my goals as an executive coach,” says Chantelle, who launched her coaching and consulting firm during the pandemic and knew that strategic partnerships with other coaches would be important.

Wrestling with complexities

Before pursuing coaching, Chantelle served as the Assistant Vice-President of Divisional Relations at the University of Toronto, where she was responsible for advancement talent management initiatives for all divisions across three campuses, supporting about 400 staff members.

For most of her career, the graduate of Queen’s University law school led talent management programs at 7-Sister Canadian law firms.

With more than two decades of experience, her coaching tends to focus on leaders in professional services industries.

The leaders she is working with today are challenged with trying to carve out time for deep problem solving and investing in their teams, versus reacting to the daily demands. Many . wrestle with the complexities of the hybrid work environment, including trying to build a team culture and a learning environment for younger professionals.

Positive impact

“Another ongoing challenge is the ‘war’ for top talent. In many professional services industries the competition for top talent is intense. Effective, empowering leadership is more important than ever to attract and retain the best people,” she says.

Her decision to become a leadership coach emerged organically over 15 years.

Through various roles, she often found herself coaching others.

“I was energized when coaching and could see the positive impact it had for team members,” she recalls. “I knew several colleagues who invested in becoming full-time leadership coaches and were inspired by their path.”

That insight propelled her to become an Ivey Academy Certified Coach and Certified Leadership Coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

We’re really glad she did.

To find out more about Chantelle and the rest of the Vision Coaching roster, visit the Vision Coaching website.

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