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3 Great Reminders from my Daughter, the Kindergarten Grad.

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Kinder Grad

When my son finished kindergarten three years ago I wrote an article on how much I learned through his experience (you can read it here). So in keeping with the tradition, I had a chance to reflect on what I learned from my daughter who – coincidentally – had the same fabulous teacher (Mrs. Olive) and who just completed kindergarten.

Here are the top 3 Great Reminders from my most recent kindergarten graduate:

1. You need Great Role Models

As I listened to my daughter’s language, expressions and overall impressions I was struck by how she was soaking up what she was hearing from her teachers. It’s so important to realize how our words and actions are making a strong impression on those around us – especially the young and impressionable ones!  Thankfully, my daughter has thoughtful, caring leaders as her role models.

2. Be Compassionate

I cannot say if my daughter learned this or her environment nurtured her inherent compassion, but the care she expresses for her fellow students is incredible to witness. I am humbled by how she freely expresses her concern for others. Thanks B!

3. With Leadership comes Responsibility

Despite the importance of community and validation and the importance of “things being fair”, my daughter and her classmates learned that being “leader of the day” is a privilege that needs to be earned – and that can be taken away. What an important life lesson for these kids! It really made an impression on my daughter as she talked at length about why she was chosen, why other classmates were chosen and what some of the children were working on. With leadership comes responsibility.

I am thankful every day that I have children to help remind me about the most important things in my professional and personal life.

What have you learned from your kids lately?

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