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2020: A year of anxiety, determination and optimism

Updated: Jan 30


The holiday season lying ahead of us will be very different as we continue to live the reality of the pandemic. But I hope for you that it will still be an opportunity to reflect on the silver lining and take stock.

This is where I find myself, after the tumultuous year that was 2020. It was certainly a year for mixed emotions – fear over the unknown, anxiety and confusion over what may be ahead, determination to forge ahead, optimism over new directions and opportunities.

While I was confident that leadership coaching could help people now more than ever, I must admit the gloomiest days left me wondering what the future would hold. But, as I’ve mentioned in this space before, my colleagues and I have always found comfort in taking the long view.

Planning for the future

By planning for the future, we were able to focus on building value for our clients in new ways. We’ve begun offering webinars with free but valuable insights for leaders on issues such as managing change, navigating difficult conversations and leadership in sales.

We’ve created a whole new program, Coaching to Lead for HR Professionals, built on the premise that empowering HR leaders and teams with the coach approach to leading will, in turn, allow them to coach others on more effective leadership. That can only help fuel positive change through organizations, leading to benefits such as improved morale and engagement.

We’ve launched online training for Coaching to Lead for HR Professionals, for Managing Difficult Conversations, for Pivotal Growth and we’re looking for ways to expand these and other offerings. Very soon, we’ll be able to share with you our webinar and virtual training lineup for early 2021.

We are fortunate that our business was already virtual. Long before COVID-19, we were coaching and consulting with clients online or by phone. But we made sure we stepped up our strategy of staying in touch with clients and communicating to the broader world who we are and what we offer. Our business has benefitted from this and this approach has been the source of some great learning for me.

15th anniversary

The year 2020 also marks the 15th anniversary of Vision Coaching. I share some recollections, as well as a profile of Marilyn Orr, a colleague and friend was in on the ground floor with me 15 years ago. Thanks for the memories, Marilyn!

In our newsletters, you will read some of the best advice and insight on leadership I’ve come across and read on in the blog to tap into a conversation with Vince Marsh, author of Get Out of the Weeds: How Executives Make Strategic Time.

In closing, accept my sincere wishes for a holiday that brings you joy, reflection and promise of opportunity.


Dave Veale Founder & CEO Vision Coaching Inc.

P.S. This blog piece is part of the December edition of Fresh Ideas for Leaders, Vision Coaching’s collection of insights designed to inspire our clients and friends. You can see the full edition here.

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