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Our Coaches


Brian Duggan


A seasoned Coach, Brian brings a high level of focus, curiosity and compassion to supporting leaders at all levels to find solutions to management and leadership issues.


Brian’s approach is person centered, strategic, solution focused and respectful of cultures, diversity and both organization and employee objectives.


His extensive experience coaching executives and other leaders in the private and public sectors has resulted in leadership and career development for emerging leaders and with those who desire to achieve greater career growth.


Brian is accountable to clients, their organizations, ethical guidelines, and his core values and passion. He is focused, service oriented, compassionate and a catalyst for personal and business growth. His success hinges on when others thrive.

When coaching with Brian clients will realize that solutions to support their leadership, team and business objectives are possible and their core values of respect, commitment, openness, service and accountability create a safe environment to explore their coaching goals. Trust enables the possibility of deeper and broader exploration of un-tapped strengths, potential and opportunity for professional development.


Brian focuses on helping organizations to thrive in the changing world of work by building great leaders and workplace cultures.


Brian is a life-long learner, a member of the International Coaches Federation, the Human Resources Association of Nova Scotia and the Canadian Institute of Management.

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