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Helping non-profit leaders succeed

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

As a relatively new employee at the Saint John Learning Exchange, Amanda Beckwith jumped at the opportunity to take a coaching workshop through the United Way.

Working as a soft skills facilitator, part of her job involved coaching clients on their educational and employment goals – the workshop seemed a perfect fit.

She was taken aback by the power of the five-part workshop, facilitated by Vision Coaching’s Bruce McLeod. It taught Amanda and other non-profit leaders how to use a coach approach in helping others solve problems.

“It was such an amazing chance to work with Bruce because I got to see coaching in action.

He was so positive and upbeat and I really enjoyed it,” Amanda says. “I love the phrase Bruce would use about holding people capable.”

The United Way Saint John Kings & Charlotte has selected Vision Coaching as its provider for coaching services for non-profit leaders.

'A great offering to the community'

Executive director Alexya Heelis recalls getting a text as the first session with Bruce was underway.

“This is so amazing,” he told her. “Bruce is incredible. Thank you for this opportunity. I have a colleague on the call too. She called me on the break saying she is learning a lot. What a great offering to the community!”

Alexya says her organization moved away from another coaching provider to go with Vision Coaching, which avidly supports the United Way – including as a founding partner through the Million Dollar Pledge.

She was also impressed with how Vision Coaching is willing to tailor a program to what the United Way needed.


“It was a little nerve-wracking to move away from what we knew to move over to Vision. But definitely the feedback we've gotten has confirmed that this has been a great decision and a great partnership. And we'll continue going to Vision for all of our coaching needs,” Alexya says.

For Amanda, the coaching skills she learned through the sessions have given her a better focus for her work, a more effective way of helping clients and have delivered stronger outcomes for her and the people she serves.

“I am extremely grateful,” she says. “This has made a huge difference for me – I feel so much stronger in my job.”

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