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We envision a world that values and is transformed by creative, resilient and compassionate leadership. 


Coaching is a proven, powerful component of successful leadership development.

But only if that coaching is delivered by the best-qualified coaches. And only if those coaches are the right fit for the client. And only if clear goals are set, an established process is followed and all results are measured.


Everything needs to come together in a seamless, positive coaching experience that delivers results – measurable results.


That’s exactly what the V1 Coaching  System delivers and that’s what makes it so effective.

How does it work?  Watch this 3-minute introduction to the V1 Coaching System.

Vision Coaching solves your Leadership Development needs.

Provide effective leadership skill development

Customize leadership training options for common HR challenges

Specify metrics and key performance indicators for reporting and budgeting

Deliver high-quality coaching consistently across large organizations

Facilitate access to coaching through online delivery

Establish an internal coaching culture and system

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Top 5 Features

of the V1 Coaching System


Roster of world-class, highly trained and certified coaching professionals.


Best Fit Matching between coach and client, for optimum coaching results.


Customized, personalized and consistent coaching focuses on the growth and development of the leader.


Accountability and quality assurance are built right into the system and tracked, from the start.


Results & ROI, that were once a challenge to measure, are now available, thanks to our cloud-based software.


The statistics in our region around child poverty, violence against girls and literacy are heartbreaking. The Million Dollar Pledge was born to be part of the solution to help turn these statistics around – it’s a comprehensive charitable giving plan that aims to have at least 10 socially-conscious business leaders commit $10,000 a year for 10 years… that’s 1 million dollars!

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