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Let’s move beyond random acts of wellness!

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

What is Total Health?

Jesse Adams and Darren Steeves of Vendura Wellness along with Bill Howatt of Howatt HR have teamed up to develop the theory behind Incite and now they’ve digitized their theory into a unique learning platform.

Interested in participating in this pilot?  The Halifax Wellness Project is providing access to Incite for a one-time nominal fee of $19.99 to register, with 80% of proceeds going back to the community. Everyone across Canada can sign up and get involved. Register here.

Once the initial survey is complete, each participant will have access to individualized digital coaching and a vast resource room, including connections to local businesses and community groups that can support health. Let’s move beyond random acts of wellness!

This video outlines the project in more detail…

Incite Video

You can Read more about Incite and register if you’re interested.

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