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Our Coaches


Angie Thompson


“Do the thing you think you can not do” 
– Eleanor Roosevelt


People are great!!  See the greatness in everyone. This is Angie’s vision for all her coaching clients. She sees your unique potential.  Leaders are made through self-discovery and reflection, and by daring to see the possibilities. This is the framework from which Angie coaches and supports you as you advance towards your goals, dreams and accomplishments. 


Her natural straight forward style will allow you to see the previously unseen, to help you appreciate your own insights and to accelerate your skills, leadership and relationships.


Angie has worked many years with information technology companies, Digital Equipment of Canada, and Compaq Canada. She was instrumental in the selection, redesign and launch of the new leadership team that was combined when the two organizations merged. She then went on to lead as Chief People Officer (CPO) for the Canadian arm of State Street Bank and DST Systems the people side of the mutual fund back office organization. For eight years she developed leaders and shepherded the managers and Executive through growth and organizational change as the industry evolved with the ebbs and flows of the financial community.

Angie received her coaching credentials from Royal Roads University where she continues to act as an Alumni Coach and mentor to students working towards their coaching careers.  She works with companies and individuals across North America from Texas to Gore Bay and from Victoria to Newfoundland. A selection of Angie’s clients include Manitoulin Transport, Dundee Wealth, Globus Family of Brands, Symcor and Halliburton.


In 2011, Angie received the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential, a prestigious designation for a proven coach with at least 750 hours of client coaching experience.


CEOs and senior leaders as well as people throughout the organization have benefited from the broad expertise Angie brings to her coaching clients. As your coach, Angie will consistently support you as you develop your leadership and goals to your future success.

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