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Unlock the Genius Within (TM)

Leverage What Research Has Told Us, 80% Of The

Solutions To Your Problems Can Be Solved By The

People Within Your Organization.

Wayne Jagoe

Ideation Insight is a highly energized, hands-on, facilitated methodology used to help your organization push through your most pressing issues.

Our premise is simple enough, research has told us, 80% of the solutions to your problems can be solved by the people within your organization. We have a proven methodology, Ideation Insight, that unlocks what’s hidden within.

We offer 3 Highly Engaged Services:

Jam Sessions – A Monthly or Quarterly, Hour-Long Jam Sessions
Sessions – Half-Day or Full-Day Ideation Sessions
Workshops – 2 and 3 Day Intense Ideation Workshops

Ideation Sessions & Workshops

We highlight a number of Sessions & Workshops to help you better understand our expertise. Of course, each and every Client is unique with their own challenges and because of this, even the items listed below, are customized to better suit your needs and requirements. An in-depth review of your requirements will take place allowing us to provide a proposal of recommendations.

Customer Experience & Journey
Create a culture & a story [outstanding customer experiences] that’s easy for your Customers to share. Seek out why your Customers love you, why previous Customers no longer love you and even those Customers who’ll never buy from you. Who is your ideal Customer? Do you know what journey they take each and every day to interact with you and why it’s so important?

Product, Service & Solution Development
Your next great Product, Service or Solution exists within the 4-walls of your business and the employees, team members or volunteers who work for your organization. They know what needs to be done. Our methodology helps uncover what’s hidden within.

Lean Canvas or Business Model Canvas
Let us help you develop a Canvas from a different perspective. We’ll coordinate an Ideation Session ensuring 100% participation [guaranteed] by every person who attends. Uncover your Problems objectively, find the Solutions that will work, better understand the Key Performance Indicators [KPI’s] that matter, uncover what makes you Unique, what WOW makes the real difference and Who you should be selling to via what Channel.

SWOT Analysis
Take your SWOT Analysis to an entire new level. When facilitated properly, this one tool alone, can uncover a treasure trove of information that can become actionable within the next 30, 60 & 90 days. Sometimes getting back to basics is the best thing that can happen to your organization. Do you know your Strengths? Do you know your weaknesses? Do you see the Opportunities that are out there? More importantly do you know the current and future threats to your Organization?

Six Steps To Marketing Enlightenment
By following the guideline of Six-Steps To Marketing Enlightenment, we’ll quickly develop an effective Marketing Plan: Analysis, where are we now? Goals, where do we want to be? Strategy, what makes us different? Tactics, what tactics & tools will we use? Execution, who does what when? Monitoring, how do we measure it?

One Page Strategic Marketing Plan
Utilizing the One Page Strategic Marketing Plan, we’ll help develop and in-depth Marketing Plan breaking down Quarterly Goals & Action Items by each and every Team Member within your Organization. This intense breakdown will strip down to the core of your Organization’s DNA. Each Quarter, the process is repeated ensuring that Marketing is no longer a department, it’s part of your culture.

Team Building
Do you need to build relationships & strengthen trust within your Team? Do you need to strengthen your relationship with Customers? Do you need to engage your Team creating greater alignment? Do you need to energize seeking greater buy-in of your overall objectives and goals? As your business operates and grows, Team dynamics plays a major part in your overall success. Our goal is to help build a Team that wants to work with each other to achieve a common goal that is aligned with your success and their success.

Our partner, Wayne Jagoe, runs our Unlock The Genius Within™ Sessions and Workshops tailored for your specific requirements & objectives.

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