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Strategic Planning with a Coach Approach

Strategic Planning

Dora Nicinski

Strategic Planning provides the Board with opportunities of great significance.  The Mission and Vision are beacons for the organization. Articulating the Mission and Vision are the responsibility of a Board.

The Board’s Strategic Imperatives provide direction for the organization to orientate itself to.


Strategic planning processes can be inclusive of representation from key partners. A collaborative process welcomes many points of view and strengthens relationships.  A

collaborative process also engenders the commitment of participants to the ensuing plan.


The organization then responds with an operational plan to detail how the Strategic Imperatives will be achieved. The operational plan for achieving the Strategic Imperatives will involve alignment from all segments of the organization. This creates synergy, invites collaboration, directs resource allocation and informs decision-making.


The Strategic Plan and subsequent Operational Plan will have measurable outcomes, which will be used to monitor and report progress.  This builds a culture of measuring performance and accountability.



Building Blocks of Excellence in Board Governance 

Governance is a key contributor to the success of an organization. Effective governance creates a platform from which collaborative relationships between the Board and Executive leader develops. It creates a platform from which trust, respect and credibility can flourish.


Identifying a vision, strategic directions and values are components of that process. There are also other components, which are building blocks supporting effective governance.


In order to ensure that the building blocks are in place, the Board can engage in the strategic activity of evaluating their current infrastructure, policies and processes, planning for improvements, executing the plan and monitoring the progress.

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