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Use a coach approach to enhance the core leadership competencies that already exist in you and your team.

We envision a world that values and is transformed by creative, resilient and compassionate leadership. We work with leaders who are committed to taking risks, have the courage to lead by example, who think big and who make things happen. We facilitate this transformation through coaching, teaching coaching skills, and using a coach approach to build leadership capacity.

Coaching is Leadership in Action

“Coaching is one of the fundamental skills of leadership. Effective coaching is inspiring, motivating, challenging; it builds confidence, provides actionable feedback and unleashes creativity and talent. It is leadership in action.”            

The CEO Refresher

The Leadership Ride


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Demystifying Leadership Coaching
       Dr. Bill Howatt     Bruce McLeod     Dave Veale          

 Are you struggling to understand what leadership coaching is and how it can help your bottom line?

 You aren't alone.

Hosted by some of Canada’s preeminent Leadership Coaching experts, our NEW Webinar Series is designed to help HR Managers, CEOs

and employees learn about and

experience coaching first hand.

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Learning Opportunities
Learn Coaching Skills for yourself or for your team. Bring a Coach Approach to your entire organization! Use Coaching to Lead. We do more than training - we use a facilitated learning approach that makes learning stick! Enhance & Grow Communication & Leadership Skills.



Are you a high performance individual looking

to raise your game, achieve your stretch goals, and accelerate

your career?  

We recommend
1 to 1 Performance Coaching.


Leadership Unleashed
Dave Veale's Interviews with Leaders

Learn from Leaders, like Robin Sharma, as they share their Business experiences, Passion, Reflections, Values, and Philosophies.



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