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Leadership Development

Leadership Unleashed

Certificate Program

Are you concerned about VPs that are retiring? Need to fill in the gaps in your leadership team? What’s on your wish list?

Here's a leadership certificate program that can be customized to suit your unique leadership growth needs.

Modules can be delivered as part of our program or separately in full day, half day or lunch & learn session formats.  These modules include:

  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence
  • Assertive Communication
  • Creating a Personal Vision
  • Facilitating Group Discussion
  • Effective Networking Skills
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Understanding Personal Leadership Styles
  • Principles and Practices of Change Management

  • Leadership Principles
  • Business Communication & Etiquette
  • Conflict and Difficult Conversations
  • 360 Reviews & Goal Setting
  • Coaching Training

This unique program creates strong, confident leaders and managers by offering practical and relevant content delivered by highly qualified speakers and facilitators.

“I was universally told that this class was the best training ever received by all of those attending. PVT has stronger management as a result of this program.”

Glenn Lovelace, CEO
Peñasco Valley Telecommunications

Who benefits from this program in your organization?
All leaders and potential leaders in your company should attend, from the VP level to front-line employees. We work with you from the beginning, to ensure the key people are involved in this relationship-building program.

Personal Benefits
What can individuals gain from our program?

  • Become a more effective leader
  • Gain a better understanding of your leadership capabilities
  • Build better relationships within and outside your organization
  • Achieve lasting change in the way teams work together
  • Grow your coaching, team leadership and project management skills

Benefits to your Organization

  • Customized to your company’s requirements
  • Improve relationships with each other
  • Get your leaders of the future up & running
  • Team building
  • Develop skills to reinforce behaviour and motivation of peak performers
  • Develop a team environment that fosters synergy

Half Day/ Full Day/ or Lunch & Learn Sessions

Unleashing and enhancing the leadership skills of your leaders will have a significant impact across your organization. More than just training, we offer consulting and strategy in a program that is highly customizable and based on you and your business units’ goals and objectives.




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