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Corporate Outplacement Coaching


Career Transition Coaching & Outplacement for Organizations

For organizations undergoing significant change, retaining a career transition coach is an effective way to support people who are exiting the organization or those whose roles and responsibilities have changed.

Specialized career transition coaching helps people leverage their strengths and develop strategies for addressing gaps during a job search or career transition. A coaching program provides structure and accountability, offers direct feedback about behaviours, prompts new thinking and challenges people to take action.

Individuals engaged in career transition coaching will clarify their goals, develop an action plan and job search strategies, build self-confidence, and learn practical skills to succeed in a job transition.

Areas of focus for coaching include:

    • Understanding the job market and how to conduct a proactive job search
    • Articulating strengths, skills, values, interests and personal qualities to potential employers
    • Generating job search options in different sectors and organizations
    • Assistance with decision-making, goal-setting and action planning
    • Developing a presence online and in person to understand the market and tap into potential job opportunities
    • Tactical job search skills and strategies
    • Managing stress of a job search/organizational change
    • Balancing professional and personal commitments during a job search/change

We offer Career Coaching for Individuals too.


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